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Our 2018 Customer Testimonails

batamgetaway customer testimonials best service batam agent

Our 2017 Customer Testimonails

TicketRequest dateSolved dateComment
3917221/8/2017 18:1424/8/2017 9:35Prompt and courteous
3911520/8/2017 21:2026/8/2017 13:56The support staff Rochelle is very helpful and did try her best to accommodate our request. Thanks for her help, we can now travel with the rearranged date.
3904918/8/2017 16:4222/8/2017 9:33Melanie replied on time and with the required answers.
384137/8/2017 20:4410/8/2017 9:09Overall satisfied with the support and admin work by LOKOPOKO. Thanks. Do take note, there could maybe be a typo regarding addressing me as MS instead of MR as my name sound like a lady.
383135/8/2017 23:057/8/2017 12:45good service! 😀
3778028/7/2017 14:0829/7/2017 13:36She handled it better than the previous representative who assisted me.
3775527/7/2017 22:2128/7/2017 12:22Syafiq was really helpful about my multiple requests and questions! Thank you for making this booking a smooth one.
3765426/7/2017 10:5926/7/2017 18:41Excellent after sales service. The salesperson is always ready to help you.
3728418/7/2017 21:3019/7/2017 12:08Prompt and fast reply.
3722318/7/2017 9:2318/7/2017 10:25Very efficient service from an overseas customer. Great to receive booking details and schedule before trip.
3720517/7/2017 20:5518/7/2017 9:35Very thorough wit he requests I made and also siggested some that I had left out.
3717517/7/2017 13:234/8/2017 9:05Syafiq was helpful and provided a good service & quick response to my queries. Thank you!
3705714/7/2017 13:1626/7/2017 11:54Great Job carrie out by syafig
3702713/7/2017 13:481/8/2017 15:28Syafiq is good in his interpersonal skills. He is able to get the required request done within a short span of time. He takes the extra effort to go the extra mile. He makes us feel comfortable which is why we come back to do our booking with Lokopoko. Thank you Syafiq.
3698912/7/2017 23:421/8/2017 10:16Melanie is very professional and informative.
3695912/7/2017 14:3914/7/2017 16:41Rochelle has provided us the professional service. She has done a good job and thus we are so confident with Lokopoko. We will come back for your service next time. Thanks.
3693112/7/2017 10:0315/7/2017 16:18Very good, Syafiq was very prompt in replying. And info given was in details. Hereby i would like to express my thanks to him.
3687011/7/2017 10:3819/7/2017 13:57I'm happy with the service so far. Keep it up. Thanks
367498/7/2017 16:0514/7/2017 18:17Always received timely and prompt response. Well done👍
365194/7/2017 12:407/7/2017 9:50Love this eska hotel so much which is recommend by syafiq! This is the third time booked from Lokopoko and also would like to praise syafiq very good in the services! Thanks a lot
364021/7/2017 22:353/7/2017 10:49Syafiq was very helpful and informative and he remembered me from the last transaction which was nice. It was a great experience to be remembered and to be served by him again. Thx u!!
363621/7/2017 11:291/7/2017 11:38Melanie is a great help, provide excellent customer service, very patient with customer. Keep up the good job!!
363581/7/2017 10:1329/8/2017 12:46her service was good and was helpful to attend  to all our needs.
3627829/6/2017 21:245/7/2017 14:58Melanie served promptly and managed to fulfill our special requests. She was fast and responsive to our queries. Great customer care. Thank you, Melanie.
3625729/6/2017 16:0330/6/2017 11:47Very efficient, service is good.
3624829/6/2017 14:371/7/2017 16:31Very helpful and patient with customer.
3609126/6/2017 13:1028/6/2017 11:03Very prompt response and unparallel courtesy.... Thank you... I am looking forward to a very hassle free vacation.
3603423/6/2017 22:1328/6/2017 9:10Thank you for all the help.
3598723/6/2017 10:056/7/2017 16:25Fast respond & very patient with all my questions
3598323/6/2017 9:3623/6/2017 19:11This is really admirable support from Rochelle. We will ensure to keep the future trip planing with you.
3589921/6/2017 14:5222/6/2017 15:11Very good and helpful and very very informative very friendly very efficient
3584020/6/2017 14:5527/6/2017 16:20She arraned everything well.
3581820/6/2017 10:3123/6/2017 11:07There was a hassle about the ferry but it was fine since Rochelle managed to get it done. So overall, i'm satisfied.
3545813/6/2017 17:0328/6/2017 15:18I'am satisfied , she is efficient and responds timely on my enquiries and requests
3527211/6/2017 10:3814/6/2017 9:56Good response fast updated. Thank you for services.
352329/6/2017 23:5612/6/2017 17:29Prompt advice and follow up.
350928/6/2017 1:2017/6/2017 14:51Great customercare
348815/6/2017 9:005/6/2017 17:07Thanks to Syafiq & Ms Chua for the quick response.
346801/6/2017 9:462/6/2017 15:51prompt reply & help to solve promble.
3456730/5/2017 16:236/6/2017 9:49I like the online chat and prompt response to my queries.
3456330/5/2017 15:441/6/2017 14:16Fast response and very helpful.
3453330/5/2017 10:5730/5/2017 13:10Fast response. Good customer service. Keep it up.
3451029/5/2017 18:3430/5/2017 9:33Well respond and email to inform the trip in details.
3448729/5/2017 15:3812/6/2017 13:32Fast and prompt
3438026/5/2017 21:0129/5/2017 12:13Very happy with Chua Ker service. She is fast in responding to my request. Well done Chua Ker.
3426125/5/2017 14:2325/5/2017 16:40Gave needed info also provided alternative options. Thts great and nice.
3418224/5/2017 10:3824/5/2017 15:18Thank you Rochelle
3415423/5/2017 18:246/7/2017 15:06Rochelle has been very responsive, informative & helpful towards my trip planning. I am very satisfied with the customer service that she has provided. Thumbs Up! (:
3409522/5/2017 17:4723/5/2017 12:47Melanie is quick to response to my requests and my queries.
3398319/5/2017 20:1223/5/2017 12:48I am very satisfied with the customer support that I received. Melanie was very prompt in responding to my queries and requests.

I look forward to my trip to Batam and trust that all will go smoothly as arranged by Lokopoko.

3392319/5/2017 0:1519/5/2017 17:08Very helpful. Very prompt replies. Very pleased with the service
3391918/5/2017 23:2719/5/2017 10:58so far m satisfied, hopefully our tip will go as smooth as this will definitely recommend my friends and family
3391618/5/2017 21:4823/5/2017 9:07Prompt replies to the email. Thank you for the great support!!!
3386817/5/2017 20:3418/5/2017 18:09Good.your staff so patient &nice
3386417/5/2017 19:4318/5/2017 12:06Good customer service, if can offer cheaper price for turi beach resort will better to go again and again

Dishes are so little to share for 10pax

3385217/5/2017 16:5417/5/2017 18:12Excellent service
3381417/5/2017 5:342/6/2017 12:34Fast and efficient.  Thanks
3372315/5/2017 17:3316/5/2017 17:39Clearly & patience  to reply all of my question.. Awesome :)
3360713/5/2017 16:5013/5/2017 16:50Melanie is very patient in answering our queries and offered many helpful advices! I am very satisfied with her service and will like to travel with lokopoko again.
3356812/5/2017 18:0415/5/2017 9:17 Very Good and prompt service! Well done!
3356612/5/2017 17:1517/5/2017 10:06Very clear with what he said.
3353712/5/2017 9:5530/5/2017 10:57I always check other sites too. Lokopoko gave a good price. Syafiq was very helpful and gave a good support for our trip just like last time.
3351011/5/2017 21:3612/5/2017 13:10Fast response.
333899/5/2017 10:3422/5/2017 15:13Quick response to all our emails.  Appreciate that.

Thank you

331604/5/2017 18:218/5/2017 17:16Quick response by Syafiq.

Thank you for the services.

330712/5/2017 22:3425/5/2017 13:47Very good customer service from Melanie
330452/5/2017 15:389/5/2017 13:27Service provided was very good and appreciated
330082/5/2017 9:122/5/2017 11:48We are very satisfied with the trip.Everything goes on as planned and we are thankful for the great customer service provided.
330042/5/2017 8:032/5/2017 11:48Very prompt follow up to my inquiry.


3279127/4/2017 0:333/5/2017 9:04Fast response and very helpful! Thank you for being so efficient 🙂
302926/3/2017 13:568/3/2017  17:00 PMSyfiq is very helpful and prompt reply and always think of customer needs
292806/3/2017 12:598/3/2017 10:07Confident and swift response.
2864224/2/2017 23:451/3/2017 16:54VERY HELPFUL  THANKS KER LEE.
2848022/2/2017 21:4223/2/2017 12:24Thank you Ms. Ker Lee Chua about your reply 😊.
2800516/2/2017 12:2217/2/2017 11:34very good service with promt action as per request, I would love to continue being customer with Lokopoko tour again
2775512/2/2017 22:2515/2/2017 10:535 stars service.  Fast and prompt reply
2775012/2/2017 17:1422/2/2017 18:38Ms. Chua Ker Lee is very prompt and cordial in her responses.
2767911/2/2017 8:1111/2/2017 16:32Nice response
275489/2/2017 10:1721/2/2017 16:21The officer is helpful and prompt.  Thanks.
274597/2/2017 17:359/2/2017 11:54Staff very helpful & informative.Keep it up!!
273726/2/2017 12:389/2/2017 15:21Is it expenses?
272093/2/2017 11:503/2/2017 12:10Very good service. Helpful and quick.
271852/2/2017 21:333/2/2017 9:50fast service
2696430/1/2017 12:401/2/2017 9:16Thank you for the prompt reply.
2683227/1/2017 5:5431/1/2017 16:29Very helpful and instant responses. Looking forward to my trip. Thanks
2641520/1/2017 9:2920/1/2017 17:03satisfied with the fast and reliable response.
2640419/1/2017 22:1523/1/2017 18:16Very nice and response very fast. Thanks alot.
2624717/1/2017 18:3819/1/2017 18:36Question was answered promptly. And very efficient.
2620617/1/2017 12:0217/1/2017 13:23UNTIL NOW GOOG SERVICE
2608116/1/2017 10:2918/1/2017 22:41Syafiq is very fast in response to my query. Info provided is explicit.
255969/1/2017 14:569/1/2017 17:03Fast n Efficient. Shafiq was helpful n checkback my details.
255819/1/2017 14:0013/1/2017 9:10Will definitely use your services again.
254226/1/2017 17:146/1/2017 18:20Very good! Will purchase again next time
251553/1/2017 16:2223/1/2017 18:12Fast and efficient…everything was clearly explained. Thank you Rochelle.
250872/1/2017 11:503/1/2017 10:49Very good
2502731/12/2016 13:204/1/2017 15:36she reply fast and explain the details .
2474123/12/2016 16:1524/12/2016 17:36Very satisfied with the customer service provided by Syafid. He is very patient, prompt and super fast  in answering all my query.  Thumb up!!! Will definitely come back to Lokopoko Travel for my travel in the future. Thanks.
2453520/12/2016 14:2520/12/2016 16:16Fast response!! Efficient and friendly
2452020/12/2016 12:1720/12/2016 12:30good and clear information.patient enough
2446119/12/2016 12:5322/12/2016 17:00Support has been very prompt. Queries were also answered promptly. Very good support from Syafiq. Thank you!
2403513/12/2016 11:2617/12/2016 9:52good
2403313/12/2016 11:0413/12/2016 19:44very good customer service.. reply my query and doubt…will book other trip with them again
235485/12/2016 16:396/12/2016 9:25good. the response is fast
233572/12/2016 9:095/12/2016 14:00Good
2320730/11/2016 11:0930/11/2016 11:14Super helpful and informative support team! I would rate the support service 5 stars, unfortunately, I can only rate a thumbs up. Keep it up!
2303127/11/2016 23:011/12/2016 16:40Great that I was able to change my ferry timing a day before the trip, however it was not communicated to the agency at Batam side. The guide there had to own self find out the change in ferry timing from Batamfast counter, made 2 trips & I also had to pay for the guide’s wasted trip.
2297526/11/2016 12:4826/11/2016 13:00very good.. answer my question very fast
2284724/11/2016 13:3425/11/2016 11:14Instantly response with satisfactory answer. Helpful and able to handle situational scenario.
2277423/11/2016 16:1025/11/2016 9:21Am very satisfied with your service.Thanks ker Lee..Regards Balaji.
2269622/11/2016 15:4413/12/2016 14:53Good, easy booking
2239417/11/2016 17:5623/11/2016 9:37Great support rendered and very pleased of her prompt reply and help. Thank you, although the trip was a little rush and hotel destination was rather far from city, but we have enjoyed our mini trip and kids are looking forward for return. Thank you, again.
2222614/11/2016 21:5215/11/2016 11:05Fast response. Well done !!
2193810/11/2016 12:5410/11/2016 12:58
Cool and appreciate your help
218509/11/2016 13:442/12/2016 18:57Constant updates gd keep it up
218349/11/2016 11:379/11/2016 11:59Good, I have received all information.
216847/11/2016 11:407/11/2016 13:27Excellent!
214983/11/2016 12:043/11/2016 16:52Excellent service fr your chat team! Keep up the good work!
2107727/10/2016 21:1828/10/2016 18:52Prompt reply.
2052720/10/2016 8:2920/10/2016 11:29Ker Lee respond fast through chat and email. This is my first time using lokopoko. Hope my trip is all good.Thanks for Ker lee to get the ferry timing I requested.
2035417/10/2016 16:0019/12/2016 12:32Good and fast reply to my email