Top 4 Ultra-Modern and Instagram-Worthy Spas in Batam

instagram-worthy spas in batam kalea spa

I am sure many of you have heard of the wonderful and sometimes, not-so-wonderful sides of the spa scenes in Batam. But have you heard of ultra-modern and Instagram-worthy spas in Batam? Yes there actually are! Even we, weekly regulars to Batam, are constantly and pleasantly surprised by what Batam has to offer to its…

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Top 5 Charming & Cheap Batam Massage Centres

cheap batam massage centres sakura-hotel-massage

We all have that one friend or family member who is constantly complaining about their stressful work and never-ending backache. Well, why not recommend them one of these cheap batam massage centres? Don’t ever think that cheap doesn’t mean good because we have we have summarised the top 5 charming and cheap massage centres. You…

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