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Batam Resort Package

Our Batam Resort Package comes in 2 categories:

The first category of our Batam Resort Package comprises of a resort stay with breakfast, 2-way ferry tickets from Singapore, and 2-way Batam Land transfers (to & fro Batam ferry terminal).

In Singapore, we call this a  Batam ‘Free-and-Easy’ Package. This package is suitable for those who only need the basic services and have plans to explore the island by arranging their own transportation, meals, and activities. To book this package from BatamGetaway, select ferry timing of 10:50am or later from Singapore.

The second category is usually sought-after by first-timers or group visitors to Batam. It’s a Batam Resort Package with Tour, or a Batam Tour Package.

Similar to the standard package, you’ll get a resort stay with breakfast, 2-way ferry tickets, and 2-way Batam land transfers (to & fro Batam ferry terminal).

In addition, you will get a one-day (0900hrs-1700hrs) city tour with seafood lunch. You could add a 60-min body massage on the tour. To book this tour package from our system, select ferry timing of 08:20am from Singapore.

Batam Resort

When it comes to a Batam resort, some travellers might choose based on the accessibility of a private beach, types of facilities, or even proximity to the city centre. Here is our breakdown:

Nongsa Area

This area is located on the north-eastern tip of Batam island. It’s approximately 25km to the main city centre of Nagoya Hill and 12km to the Batam’s Hang Nadim airport. When you book one of the following resorts based on our Batam ‘Free & Easy’ package (resort stay with ferry and land transfers), you will arrive at and depart from the Nongsa Pura Ferry Terminal. Each of this resort is mere minutes-drive away from the ferry terminal.

Waterfront City

Waterfront City is an area on the western point of Batam Island. It’s approximately 18km away from the main Nagoya Hill shopping area. When you book either one of these resorts based on our ‘Free & Easy’ package (resort stay with ferry and land transfers), you will arrive at and depart from Waterfront Ferry Terminal (Marina Teluk Senimba).  These 2 resorts are less than 5-minute ride away from the ferry terminal.

Resorts with Private Beach

Although most of the rooms in these resorts have breath-taking sea view, these 3 have functional private beach where you can do activities on or just simply relax.

Other destinations

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